Organizing Committee Member

Prof.Dr. Sonia Sayyedalhosseini, MD

Prof.Dr. Sonia Sayyedalhosseini, MD

University Professor

Losrios Community College District



Prof. Dr. Sonia Sayyedalhosseini, is faculty member in California Northstate University, CNSU as well as university Professor in Losrios Community College District, in USA. She is editorial board member of International Journal of Gynecology and Women’s Health Research in Sciforschen journals as well as editorial board member of Journal of Women’s Health care and Issues, JWHI and Groot Journal of Gynecology and Women’s Health. She is also, faculty peer reviewer in sciforschen Medical Journal of Diabetes and Research in California. She is research assistant in UC Davis imaging research center, IRC. She is a member of American Federation of Teachers, AFT, Losrios College Federation of Teachers, LRCFT and Faculty Association of California Community College, FACCC.

Research Area

Imaging Research, Interventional Radiology and Cardiology, Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.