Speaker Biography

Tamer A Hosny

Alexandria University, Egypt.

Title: Two Oophoropexy for ovarian torsion: 3 a new easier technique

Tamer A Hosny

Dr. Tamer Hosny was born in 1980 in Egypt. He studied medicine at Alexandria University, Egypt  and graduated in 2003. He is a lecturer at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Alexandria university. In 2013, he was awarded the European Inter university Diploma of Advanced Operative Laparoscopy by the University Of Auvergne, France. In 2014, he got his Phd study in reprodcutive syrgery. ALso he got a fellowship in Chu Estaing, Clermont ferrand , France. At 2016 he awarded GESEA Diploma Special interests lie in the field of MIS in gynecology. 


Oophoropexy for ovarian torsion is easily done by many tools either by suturing to the lateral pelvic wall, plication of  the ovarian ligament, or even fixation to the back of the uterus, but it is a little bit difficult to do for pregnant women with less manipulation. We propose that using a trocar site closure needle can be an easier and faster technique to do  this. Seven patients presented with ovarian torsion; four of them were pregnant at 7, 15, 19, and 20 weeks of gestation,  two patients had ovarian hyperstimulation in IVF cycles, and one adolescent patient had a hemorrhagic cyst. They were diagnosed by clinical presentation and ultrasound with Doppler analysis and confirmed by laparoscopy where they underwent detorsion and fixation of the ovary using the trocar site closure needle. Follow-up of all the cases after 1 week showed improvement of the symptoms and then normal Doppler flow of the target ovary after 3 weeks by ultrasonography which revealed normal Doppler flow in the previously torsioned ovary. Two pregnant women underwent cesarean delivery where the operated ovary was observed during the delivery and was normal in shape and freely mobile with no adhesions. We propose that this technique is easier, faster, and more comfortable especially in ovarian torsion in pregnant women and torsion in hyperstimulated ovaries