Advances in Global Women Health

Sex-based health inequality are noticeable all around the world. These imbalanced treatments higher in wealth less countries than other. Women from growing countries majorly faces this crisis and lack basic needs for their health care this leads to life weakening and life threating health problems. child marriage, female genital cutting, Maternal mortality, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS and cervical cancer are some important problems that bother the developing nations. Gynecology and Obstetrics are one of the essential hopes that supporting global woman health and they believe problems will higher the need of cognizance and made to create start over the duties to improve the women’s lives. It becomes a global demand when women health problem gained international attention. Though the government and organizations execute programs and policies to enhance these goals sex-based health inequality still remain in some of the developing countries. Although the probability of allowing women to education and employment increases on other hand they still endure the issues like illiteracy, child marriage, mortality and morbidity. This affects not only the women but also their family, their children and this society.

  • Scope of reduction in maternal mortality
  • Female circumcision liberation
  • Enhancement in treating HIV / AIDS
  • Initiation and realization about cervical cancer

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