Application of Herbal Treatment in Fetal Development and Health

At present there is an increase in use of herbal medicines and treatment during pregnancies. Some of the most commonly used herbs during pregnancy are chamomile, ginger, valerian, bitter kola, peppermint, cranberry, raspberry leaf, thyme, green tea, sage, garlic, anise and fenugreek. The practice of herbal medicine during pregnancy is depends on  the age, income level and educational status of the women. The herbal medicines are majorly preferred during pregnancy for treating nausea and vomiting,  also to reduce the risk of shorten and preeclampsia, to treat urinary tract infection and common cold. Usage of herbal medicine during pregnancy infrequently may cause troubles like allergic reactions, increased blood flow, abortion, miscarriage, Heartburn and pre-mature labor. It is not safe for the fetus if a first trimester is suggested to herbal medicine. Before consuming any herbal medicine during pregnancy there is always an expert’s advice is suggested. These unfortunate consequences of herbal medicine and treatment needs a further study to prove their convenient to approach.

  • Benefits of herbal medicine during pregnancy
  • Healthy choices to prevent birth defects
  • Herbs to reduce pregnancy pain
  • Herbs for insemination

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