Assessment of Fetal Wellbeing

Fetal Wellbeing decides the lie or introduction of the child, it gives us data about the placenta area and appearance, it sets up an expected fetal weight, it looks at the umbilical line Doppler stream to decide if the placenta is working as it should, it computes the amniotic liquid volume around the infant and it considers the sonographer to check the standard fetal estimations. Time is additionally taken to ensure that the child is gulping, breathing and moving ordinarily. The child's weight is then assessed. The fetal breathing and developments will likewise be observed all through the term of the sweep. The amniotic liquid volume, placenta area and umbilical corridor obstruction file is evaluated. The sex of the child can likewise be resolved at this stage so don't hesitate to request that the sonographer reveal this data.

  • Variation in growth
  • Developmental problems
  • Viability
  • Sex determination
  • Estimation of fetal parameters


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