Bariatric Surgery and Pregnancy

Bariatric surgery comprises a variety of methods carried out on patients who have obesity. In this surgery weight loss is attained by decreasing the whole size of the stomach by removal of a small portion of the stomach or with gastric band or crossing out and re-directing the small intestine into a small pouch of stomach. There is a need to inform the obstetric about what kind of bariatric surgery have undergone such as gastric band a banding procedure in stomach or Roux-en-Y also known as gastric bypass. To avoid risks in pregnancy the Obstetrician should know whether the patient had any complication of the surgery like blood transfusion or blood clot, second surgeries etc. After bariatric surgery most of the women gets regular menstrual cycle who suffered from irregular menstrual cycle and also the possibilities of gaining pregnancy increases. One of the best suggestions from professionals it is important to wait for 18 months after bariatric surgery to attain a weight loss goals so that they can have a healthy pregnancy. some studies have proven that women getting pregnant immediately after the surgery also had healthy pregnancy and labor, this made possible only by the care and supervision of the Obstetrician closely in their nutrition and weight.

  • Classification of bariatric surgery
  • Precedence over bariatric surgery
  • The attempt of first trimester
  • Food nutrition and drug supplement

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