Birth Defects

A few babies have problems with their body parts and organs when they are still in the womb and also some difficulties in how they work, how the mechanism of changing food into energy works in their body, these health-related problems of the fetal is known as birth defects. Reaching the serious kind of birth defects from the minor ones which is consider as a disability or needs medical or surgical treatment and can be cured easily without treatments respectively thus the birth defects are 4000 different types or more than that. Structural birth defect is defined as a baby born with any body part malformed or  missing. The most common type of structural effect is heart defects. Some other common birth defects are cleft palate, congenital dislocated hip, spina bifida, clubfoot. If there is any problem in the baby’s body and if it is related to body chemistry, then it is called as metabolic birth defect. But in most instance the doctor was unable to find the reason for the baby’s birth defect.

  • Inadequacy of Heart
  • Down syndrome
  • Spina bifida
  • Edward’s syndrome
  • Medication surgeries and home care

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