Fetal and Maternal Medicine

The commencement of maternal fetal medicine has been elevated from the introduction of numerous technologies which are useful to take care and supervise maternal-fetal health. Initially it is denoted as perinatal Medicine by perceiving its growth in last 20 years the new name also was given to them. Maternal fetal medicine is a great contribution for the wellbeing of neonatal, focusing on their health and development a number of advanced and helpful technologies are initiating. Some of the recent technologies like identifying the fragments of cell free DNA of a fetal in a maternal circulation was made possible by prenatal screening with advancement in genomics and diagnosis and also it proved the utility of chromosomal microarrays. It is a useful technique because besides finding aneuploidies it can also test for microduplications and microdeletions.

  • Fetal and maternal disorders
  • Therapies involved in fetal treatment
  • Prenatal genetics
  • Pregnancy complications

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