Hygiastics during Pregnancy

The actual essence of having healthy pregnancy is to have a good diet , following regular exercise, having knowledge about what to avoid and make sure of their vaccinations up to date. At any time for a healthy lifestyle a healthy diet is necessary but specifically in pregnancy its mandatory. double check with some important facts about which food and supplements are important take extra care and which food should be avoided during pregnancy. hasty impulse towards a particular type of food to eat it are experience that disturb the regular diet of many women during pregnancy. eating variety of  healthful fruits , vegetables, food will help to consume all the needed vitamins and minerals for a pregnant woman. Taking some supplements are also advised to attain a proper health during pregnancies. Having higher amount of caffeine will lead to make more difficulties to conceive. During pregnancy the gums will get easily irritated by causing them to bleed while brushing these are due to the hormonal changes. Some kind of bacteria like Listeria present in some food causes infection and it may lead to miscarriage.

  • Healthy maternal fetal interactions
  • Importance of dental hygiene during pregnancy
  • Self-Hygiene and its benefits
  • Healthy diet during and after pregnancy

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