Obstetricians Roles and Responsibilities

An MFM specialist is a doctor who assist to take care of  women with difficulties in pregnancy and high risk during labour. A mother pregnant with twin babies are considered as complicated pregnancy that is the place where an MFM specialist will be a backbone of a medical team. These doctors are commonly referred as Obstetrician and also, they have undergone 3 years of additional practicing in high risk pregnancy. Thus, they are called as high-risk pregnancy doctors or perinatologists. For women with complicated pregnancies they provide regular prenatal care. They also assist to take care of the mother’s actual health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Tests and monitor’s baby’s growth and development by following ultrasound procedure in regular. They also checks for birth defects, heart problems, blood disorders including growing babies and genetic disorders by conducting test such as chorionic villus sampling or umbilical cord sampling and amniocentesis. Provides recommendations by identifying the future risk in the pregnancy.

  • Prenatal care
  • Postnatal care
  • Medical care during illness
  • Surgical care

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