Prenatal Healthline

women health is important to maintain the wellbeing of her baby. To give birth to a healthy baby successfully most of the women prefer to do regular exercise, to eat good food  and also by undergoing regular prenatal care. Advised to all women in order to avoid complications during pregnancy. During pregnancy the possibility of reducing the birth defects is by taking nutritious diet, this is also responsible for the healthy baby weight during birth and also for a  good development of fetal brain. Besides natural food consuming some prenatal vitamin supplements is also important because planning a three nutrient filled diet in routine is difficult job for a pregnant women, thus these vitamin supplements can fulfil their routine diet as well as they can supply the additional nutrition needed for a developing fetus. It is necessary to make good choices for better lifestyle during pregnancy because this should not create any bad impact on developing fetus. So, it is compulsorily advised to avoid consuming alcohol, smoking and using drugs.

  • Food and nutrition.
  • Medication during pregnancy
  • Antenatal care
  • Enlightenment of dynamic mothers

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