Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis

Prenatal screening test are a group of procedures which are conducted during the time of pregnancy on a mother to check whether the baby has any sign or symptoms of having any specific birth defects. These  tests are mostly non-invasive. These are generally used or first trimester and second trimester even though at some rare cases it is performed for third trimester also. The existing specific risk and its possibilities can be determined only after the screening test. The positive results from the screening test will be the major way for deciding the diagnostic method. Some routine prenatal screening tests which can be used to check for gestational diabetes includes glucose tolerance tests. Other that this some subsidiary screening test also conducted only for women having high-risk to deliver a healthy child. This condition is suggested when a women lived in the regions where tuberculosis in a common disease during her pregnancy the mother should have a tuberculin skin test.

  • Fetal imagining modalities
  • Trimester screening process
  • Prenatal diagnostic screening
  • Cell free DNA screening

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